Macie spent her childhood in a stimulating atmosphere of deep musical influences. Her mother is a classically trained pianist, who constantly exposed Macie to the magical imagery of Mozart, Beethoven, and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, to which Macie was instantly drawn. Macie’s natural talent emerged early, and with the guidance of vocal training, she can now easily go from a soulful baritone to a lyrical soprano, spanning four octaves.

Macie has toured internationally and made steady appearances at venues large and small across the U.S. throughout her career. However, she has never abandoned her first love, weekend gigs with both established and up-and-coming pop, rock, dance, and R&B bands. Recent life experiences, as well as current musical influences such as Ellie Goulding, Diplo, and Calvin Harris, have led Macie to a renewed love of songwriting and enabled her evolution as an artist.

Macie has learned how to turn adversity into triumph, and has made overcoming her personal motto. Her greatest energy comes from performing live, and her dream is to be in front of a crowd every night. Macie’s powerful words and music illustrate the strength and fearlessness that drive her life and her career. Her ultimate goal is to uplift and encourage us to embrace change. Her music will appeal to those looking to set their spirits free.


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